Residential Housing "City Park Lehen", Salzburg - AT, 2013

Invited competition, 1st prize winner ex aequo with PLOV ZT GmbH

The proposal creates a new city quarter along one of the busiest and noisiest traffic lines in the city of Salzburg. The connected building blocks create a sound barrier between the busy street and the new public park on the other more quiet and protected side. The aim was not to generate a separation, but a permeable threshold between the two urban conditions to invite the surrounding neighbourhood to use the public areas of the new city quarter and to create a lively atmosphere on street level.

Start of construction: 2016

Client: GSWB residential housing company

Architect: soma ZT GmbH in cooperation with PLOV ZT GmbH

Team: Alexander Matl, Thomas Busek, Andreas Körner

Structural engineering: Brandstätter ZT GmbH

Mechanical engineering: TAP GmbH

Building physics: Zivilingenieur-Arge

Landscape design: Atelier Auböck + Kárász


exterior rendering / ©soma

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